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Schools Dana Hall School

Dana Hall School

Available Grades
Boarding 9 10 11
Day 9 10 11


Fall 2024
Upcoming Deadline

January 15 / Rolling
January 15 / Rolling

Application Requirements

Part 1
Candidate Profile
Application Fee
Domestic: $50
International: $100
Gateway Fee Waiver
Accepted, contact school
Testing Information
All applicants are required to submit SSAT, ISEE, or state-based exam results; additionally, all applicants who do not speak English as a first language are required to submit a TOEFL score. However, Dana Hall School believes that testing alone is not a determining factor for admission, and practices a holistic and context-based approach that considers student performance and success relative to their individual circumstances. Additional forms of testing may be acceptable: please contact our office if you have results from a test not listed above and we will review to determine if the results fulfill our requirement.

Submit ISEE, SSAT, or other results by January 15. For ISEE and SSAT, use the following test codes to designate Dana Hall School as an official score report recipient: 222275 (ISEE), 2728 (SSAT).

Please note that Dana Hall does not offer an ESL program and therefore requires students to be highly proficient in speaking, listening, writing and reading the English language. Applicants who are required to submit a TOEFL must arrange to have scores sent directly to Dana Hall School from ETS by January 15. To designate Dana Hall as an official score report recipient, use the following testing code: 7507. We will not accept score reports sent by consultants, schools, or families. If you have difficulty scheduling this test, please contact the Admission Office.
Part 2
Required Forms
Parent/Guardian Perspective
Student Perspective
Optional Forms N/A
Part 3
Required Forms
Current Academic Year Grades
Previous Grades
Principal/Counselor Recommendation
Current English Teacher Recommendation
Current Mathematics Teacher Recommendation
Optional Forms
Personal Recommendation
Application Notes
An interview is required for all Dana Hall School applicants. Please visit the following link to our website for more information about scheduling your interview and other steps for completing your application:

Privacy Policy:
Dana Hall School
Dana Hall School
Wellesley, MA 02482

School Type

All Girls