The Governor's Academy
1 Elm Street
Byfield, MA 01922
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The Governor's Academy

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School Information

Available Grades
School Type Co-Ed
Boarding 9 10 11
Day 9 10 11
Application Deadlines
Fall 2019 Boarding 02/01/2019
Fall 2019 Day 01/15/2019

Application Information

Part 1
Candidate Profile Required
Application Fee Domestic: $60 International: $125
Gateway Fee Waiver Accepted: contact school
Required Tests We require the SSAT (or ISEE, PSAT, SAT, or ACT as an acceptable alternative) for all Applicants. We require the TOEFL for all International Applicants who have not had English as the primary language of instruction for at least three years leading into the year of application.
Part 2
Graded Writing Sample N/A
School-Specific Questionnaire
Part 3
Required Recommendations Current English Recommendation: 1 Current Mathematics Recommendation: 1 Personal Recommendation: 1
Optional Recommendations Transcript Report: 1 Princial/Counselor Recommendation: 1