Northwood School
92 Northwood Rd
Lake Placid, NY 12946
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Northwood School

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School Information

Available Grades
School Type Co-Ed
Boarding 9 10 11 12 PG
Day 9 10 11 12 PG
Application Deadlines
Fall 2018 Boarding 01/31/2018
Fall 2018 Day 01/31/2018
Spring 2018 Boarding Rolling
Spring 2018 Day Rolling

Application Information

Part 1
Candidate Profile Required
Application Fee Domestic: $85 International: $150
Gateway Fee Waiver Accepted: contact school
Required Tests 9th grade candidates: SSAT or ISEE
10th grade candidates: SSAT or ISEE
11th grade candidates (one of the following): PSAT, SAT, PLAN, or ACT
12/PG candidates(one of the following): PSAT, SAT, PLAN or ACT
- All non-native speakers must submit a TOEFL or TOEFL JR in addition to standardized testing
- Candidates for the Learning Center can submit educational testing in lieu of standardized testing
Part 2
Graded Writing Sample N/A
School-Specific Candidate Short Answers and Essay, Parent Questionnaire
Part 3
Required Recommendations Transcript Report: 1 English Recommendation: 1 Mathematics Recommendation: 1
Optional Recommendations None