Miss Hall's School
492 Holmes Road
Pittsfield, MA 01201
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Application Notes

Miss Hall's School

Please refer to "Application Notes" prior to beginning your application.
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School Information

Available Grades
School Type All-Girls
Boarding 9 10 11 12 PG
Day 9 10 11 12 PG
Application Deadlines
Fall 2019 Boarding 02/01/2019
Fall 2019 Day 02/01/2019

Application Information

Part 1
Candidate Profile Required
Application Fee Domestic: $50 International: $50
Gateway Fee Waiver Not accepted.
Required Tests All students are required to submit current scores for the SSAT exam as a part of their application. Any student who is not a native English speaker and/or not a US citizen must also include current scores for the TOEFL exam. Any other testing that the applicant wishes to use to satisfy either of these requirements and any waivers to this testing policy must be pre-approved by our office. (NB, "current" in this context means within 6 months of February 1 each year.)
Part 2
Graded Writing Sample N/A
School-Specific Student Essay and Parent Form
Part 3
Required Recommendations Transcript Report: 1 Principal/Counselor Recommendation: 1 Current English Recommendation: 1 Current Mathematics Recommendation: 1
Optional Recommendations Personal Recommendation: 1