Hopkins School
986 Forest Road
New Haven, CT 06515
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Application Notes

Hopkins School only accepts applications for Day students and does not have a boarding program.

Please only apply if you can attend Hopkins School as a Day student.

If you have questions about attending Hopkins as a Day student please contact the school directly.

Hopkins School

Please refer to "Application Notes" prior to beginning your application.
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School Information

Available Grades
School Type Co-Ed
Day 7 8 9 10 11 12
Application Deadlines
Fall 2019 Day 01/15/2019

Application Information

Part 1
Candidate Profile Required
Application Fee None
Gateway Fee Waiver N/A
Required Tests Grades 7-12, SSAT or ISEE required
Grades 7-12, for international students for whom English is not their first language 
TOEFL exam is also required in addition to the SSAT or ISEE
Part 2
Graded Writing Sample N/A
School-Specific N/A
Part 3
Required Recommendations Transcript Report: 1 Principal/Counselor Recommendation: 1 Current English Recommendation: 1 Current Mathematics Recommendation: 1
Optional Recommendations Personal Recommendation: 1