Cate School
1960 Cate Mesa Road
Carpinteria, CA 93013
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805-684-4127 x 217

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Cate School

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School Information

Available Grades
Boarding 9 10 11
Day 9 10 11
Application Deadlines
Fall 2017 Boarding 01/15/2017
Fall 2017 Day 01/15/2017

Application Information

Part 1
Candidate Profile Required
Application Fee Domestic: $85 International: $125
Gateway Fee Waiver Accepted: contact school
Required Tests SSAT or ISEE
PSAT accepted for 10th and 11th grade applicants
SAT accepted for 11th grade applicants
TOEFL for all non-native English speakers (in addition to SSAT or ISEE)
Part 2
Graded Writing Sample N/A
School-Specific Short Responses, Essays, and Parent Statement
Part 3
Required Recommendations Transcript Report: 1 Counselor Recommendation: 1 English Recommendation: 1 Mathematics Recommendation: 1 Personal Recommendation: 1 Special Interest Recommendation: 1
Optional Recommendations None