Recommender Guide

Before you begin the online recommendation process, please read the instructions below.


The recommendation process starts with the candidate sending a recommendation request. Supply the candidate with your email address and they are to submit a separate request for each recommendation and school.

We advise that you check your spam folder and add to your contact list if you are having trouble finding the recommendation request email.

The invitation email will contain two links; one to register a new recommender account and one to link a recommendation to an existing recommender account. Be sure to click the appropriate link.


After registering your account it is required that you fill out a basic recommender profile before you can view any recommendation requests. If you are a member of multiple institutions and have received requests for more than one, we ask that you create a separate recommender account for each institution.

Managing a Recommendation:

Recommender_steps_complete After completing a recommender profile the first step is to link that request to your account. You will then be able to approve or deny each request. Upon approval of a request, you will then be able to complete that item. You can add multiple candidates to this account and manage their recommendations from one place.

Starting a Recommendation:

To begin a form from scratch, click Start New beneath that form. If the candidate has requested this form be sent to multiple schools, your response will automatically be added for each of them and will appear this way in your Recommendation Checklist . If you wish to tailor your response to any of the schools, use the icon to remove those schools. You can then start from a copy of your original response or from scratch.

If a subsequent recommendation request is received, you can click the Link to existing button to use the same response for multiple schools, Start As Copy button to transfer progress but customize a response, or start from scratch by selecting the Start New button.

Completing a Recommendation

After you start a recommendation the status will be labeled as In progress until it is submitted. To view the remaining requirements first select the recommendation label from the dashboard and then select the Finished? section. If you have any incomplete required fields they will be listed. Once they are complete the Finished? section will display the final instructions and allow you to perfom a final review of your recommendation and submit. Once submitted the dashboard page will show your recommendation as submitted.