Adviser Guide

Before you register as an adviser please read the instructions below.


The adviser process starts with the candidate sending an advisership request. Supply the candidate with your email address.

We advise that you check your spam folder and add to your contact list if you are having trouble finding the advisership request email.

The invitation email will contain two links; one to register a new adviser account and one to link an advisee to an existing adviser account. Be sure to click the appropriate link.

Managing an Advisership:

After registering your account the first step is to link that request to your account. You will then be able to approve or deny each request. Upon approval of a request, you will then be able to view the status of an application. You can add multiple candidates to this account and monitor progress from one place.

Monitoring an advisee:

After accepting an advisership your dashboard will show a list of Advisees. Each candidate you are advising will have displayed a full name, email address, total interests, and an applicant checklist.

To contact an advisee please use any personal contact information you may have or the email address supplied.

An interest is the relationship between the candidate and a school of which they are interested in applying. Each interest will be presented as an item on the advisee's checklist.

The applicant checklist is only available if the applicant has at least one interest. Select view applicant checklist to access the checklist view.

Using the Checklist:

Gateway_checklist Here you will see a list of interests that your advisee has created. Outlined below each interest are the requirements and status of the application. Please refer to the Checklist Legend for how to interpret the status icons. For more detailed information including a breakdown of each requirement and deadlines click the show more button located at the top right of each interest.