About Gateway

The Gateway to Prep Schools was created by Deerfield Academy, Groton School, The Hotchkiss School, Phillips Academy and St. Paul’s School with the intent of enhancing the admission process throughout the wider independent school community.

The Gateway to Prep Schools strives to satisfy two goals—to make the application process easier for families and to preserve an independent school’s ability to tailor its application to its school’s needs. The Gateway offers a common form of biographical data called The Candidate Profile accepted by all participating schools. The Gateway also provides links to common recommendation forms.

Most schools using the Gateway to Prep Schools believe that candidates for admission can be assessed more accurately through responses to essay and short answer questions reflecting the experience and values of a particular institution. This section of an application is central, not supplemental. Schools using the Gateway to Prep Schools typically require candidates for admission to complete school-specific essay and short answer questions.